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  • Tragically Hip Rock Lullabies!

    When my son was first born we didn't want to be the parents that had to tip-toe around the house. So we introduced our son to 'Rock Lullabies' (rock songs transformed into lullabies) from literally day 1. He has slept through the night no matter whats going on in my house pretty much every single night's amazing. I just came across Tragically Hip Rock Lullabies...and they are amazing. You can buy them or just check them out HERE. You're Welcome! Read More
  • Tom Hanks Crashes Wedding Shoot!

    This is pretty cool! A couple is getting some wedding photos taken in Central Park and Tom Hanks was out for a jog and decided to crash the shoot! Check this out!  Read More
  • Forgot Your Lunch? No Problem...

    Next thing you know Ellen invites her and gives her a year supply of sandwiches to throw into her husbands car´╗┐ Read More


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