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Album Review

By essentially "repeating the language of the land and the sky," the Screaming Trees accurately portray the organic spirit of the Pacific Northwest. On tracks such as "Cold Rain" and "In the Forest" their narrative landscapes are not only expressed by the seasoned voice of Mark Lanegan but also by the rich complexity of their song structures. While drummer Mark Pickerel and guitarists Gary Lee and Van Conner provide the energy of a classic garage band, producer Steve Fisk molds their groundwork and pop sensibilities into the realms of proto-grunge. Along with fellow SST labelmates Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr., the Screaming Trees served as true pioneers of the burgeoning genre. With distorted guitars and meaningful poetics becoming the norm of the late '80s, Even If and Especially When stands as a commendable album and a telling preview of what was to later come from the Seattle scene.
Robert Gabriel, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Transfiguration
  2. Straight Out to Any Place
  3. World Painted
  4. Don't Look Down
  5. Girl Behind the Mask
  6. Flying
  7. Cold Rain
  8. Other Days and Different Planets
  9. The Pathway
  10. You Know Where It's At
  11. Back Together
  12. In the Forest
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