September 27, 1994
Pop/Rock, Prog-Rock, Psychedelic, Psychedelic Pop, British Invasion, Baroque Pop, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Soft Rock, British Psychedelia, Album Rock, Art Rock

Album Review

When the Moody Blues were due for the box set treatment, it would have been uncharacteristic for the production to be lacking in overstated grandiosity. On that count, this four-CD retrospective does not disappoint, including the bulk of their most famous work (from their 1967-1972 albums), lots from their later records and side projects, and a few rarities. This package is designed more for the band's fanatics, as opposed to a definitive overview for newcomers; the albums (which were specifically programmed to work as separate entities) remain readily available, there's too much late stuff and Hayward/Blue Jays tracks, and there's nothing from the Denny Laine era. The three non-LP 1967 cuts that open the set are available on the double import LP A Dream (still possible to find), an album that also has the additional 1967 B-side "Really Haven't Got the Time," which somehow doesn't make it onto Time Traveller...The liner notes are pretty good and extensive, and the first printings of the box include a bonus disc of a 1992 concert with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.
Richie Unterberger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Fly Me High
  2. Love and Beauty
  3. Cities
  4. Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)
  5. Nights In White Satin [Album Version]
  6. Ride My See-Saw
  7. Legend of a Mind
  8. House of Four Doors, Pt. 1 & 2
  9. Voices In the Sky
  10. The Best Way To Travel
  11. The Actor [Full Version]
  12. In the Beginning
  13. Lovely To See You
  14. Dear Diary
  15. Never Comes the Day
  16. Are You Sitting Comfortably
  17. The Dream - Poem
  18. Have You Heard, Pt. 1
  19. The Voyage
  20. Have You Heard, Pt. 2
  21. Higher and Higher
  22. Gypsy
  23. Eyes of a Child I [Full Version]
  24. I Never Thought I'd Live To Be a Hundred
  25. Beyond
  26. Out and In
  27. Candle of Life
  28. I Never Thought I'd Live To Be a Million
  29. Watching and Waiting
  30. Question
  31. Don't You Feel Small
  32. It's Up To You
  33. Minstrel's Song
  34. Dawning is the Day
  35. Melancholy Man [Full Version]
  36. Procession
  37. The Story In Your Eyes
  38. One More Time To Live
  39. You Can Never Go Home
  40. My Song
  41. Lost In a Lost World
  42. New Horizons
  43. For My Lady
  44. Isn't Life Strange
  45. You and Me
  46. I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band)
  47. This Morning
  48. Remember Me (My Friend)
  49. My Brother
  50. Saved By the Music
  51. I Dreamed Last Night
  52. When You Wake Up
  53. Blue Guitar
  54. Steppin' In a Slide Zone
  55. Driftwood [Edit Version]
  56. The Day We Meet Again
  57. Forever Autumn
  58. The Voice
  59. Talking Out of Turn
  60. Gemini Dream
  61. Blue World
  62. Sitting at the Wheel
  63. Running Water
  64. Your Wildest Dreams
  65. The Other Side of Life
  66. I Know You're Out There Somewhere
  67. No More Lies
  68. Say It With Love
  69. Bless the Wings (That Bring You Back)
  70. Lean On Me (Tonight)
  71. Highway