December 07, 2010
Pop/Rock, Hard Rock, Post-Grunge

Album Review

Hinder have a lot invested in being the bad boys of rock & roll, of being the "All American Nightmare." Of course, their conception of danger is tied to the late ‘80s, when the hellions of Hollywood escaped from L.A. to rule America and elsewhere. Hinder is proud to be conservative, boasting “Just leave the Jack and take your Hennessy/Take your Kanye out of my player please/that Zeppelin 45 is staying with me" on the staunchly anti hip-hop “Hey Ho,” and they live so far in the past they don’t quite realize how their power ballads evoke the Reagan years. The new wrinkles are the Nickelback grind of “Striptease,” and strumming singalongs in the vein of Uncle Kracker.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. 2 Sides of Me
  2. All American Nightmare
  3. What Ya Gonna Do
  4. Hey Ho
  5. The Life
  6. Waking Up the Devil
  7. Red Tail Lights
  8. Striptease
  9. Everybody's Wrong
  10. Put That Record On