August 08, 1995
Slash Records
Pop/Rock, Roots Rock, Heartland Rock

Album Review

Kurt and Sammy BoDean sing like slightly tarnished angels. You haven't heard harmonies this pure and unaffected since the Everly Brothers, and that's no exaggeration. Sure, their lyrics run to bathetic claptrap like "Say About Love" ("Some say love is just a freaky trip/That's what they say/Say about love"), but for every line like those there's a gem of hokey brilliance like "Idaho" (despite its recycled tag line) or the yearning "Lookin' for Me Somewhere." Kurt is a nifty guitar player with more taste than originality (which is also true of James Burton, bear in mind); Sammy has a sharp tenor voice that covers a spectrum of two or three emotions but wrings each of them dry. Joe Dirt Car is an album with clear limitations, certainly -- two hours' worth of non-stop catharsis is too much for almost anybody -- but it's still well worth your attention.
Rick Anderson, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Idaho
  2. Say About Love
  3. Fadeaway
  4. Paradise
  5. Still the Night
  6. Feed the Fire
  7. The Ballad of Jenny Rae
  8. Naked
  9. Closer to Free
  10. Good Things
  11. You Don't Get Much
  12. Lookin' for Me Somewhere
  13. Ooh (She's My Baby)
  14. Far Far Away from My Heart
  15. Black, White & Blood Red
  16. She's a Runaway
  17. Going Home
  18. Texas Ride Song
  19. True Devotion
  20. Go Slow Down
  21. Misery
  22. I'm in Trouble Again
  23. Walking After Midnight
  24. Good Work