August 02, 2011
Jasmine Records
Vocal Music, Traditional Pop, Vocal Jazz

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Track Listing

  1. Blues Serenade
  2. My Tormented Heart
  3. Say You'll Wait for Me
  4. Black Coffee
  5. Sinner or Saint
  6. I Confess
  7. After Hours
  8. A Lover's Quarrel
  9. Time
  10. Summertime
  11. Street of Dreams
  12. Fool's Paradise
  13. Thinking of You
  14. Linger Awhile
  15. These Things I Offer You
  16. Deep Purple
  17. I Ran All the Way Home
  18. Vanity
  19. That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day)
  20. City Called Heaven
  21. Our Very Own
  22. I Love the Guy
  23. Make Believe (You Are Glad When You're Sorry)
  24. My Reverie
  25. I'm Crazy to Love You
  26. Lonely Girl
  27. Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year [From Christmas Holiday]
  28. It's Magic [From Romance on the High Seas]
  29. Make Yourself Comfortable
  30. Tenderly
  31. Whatever Lola Wants [From Damn Yankees]
  32. Mr. Wonderful
  33. And This Is My Beloved [From Kismet]
  34. Please Mr. Brown
  35. Band of Angels
  36. A Tree in the Park [From Peggy-Ann]
  37. How Important Can It Be?
  38. Hot and Cold Running Tears
  39. If You Are But a Dream
  40. Padre
  41. It Happened Again
  42. C'est La Vie
  43. Fabulous Character
  44. Mary Contrary
  45. The Touch of Your Hand [From Roberta]
  46. Through a Long and Sleepless Night [From Come to the Stable]
  47. Broken-Hearted Melody
  48. Eternally [From Limelight]
  49. Smooth Operator
  50. Our Waltz
  51. The Banana Boat Song
  52. Maybe It's Because (I Love You Too Much)
  53. You're My Baby
  54. Misty
  55. Leave It to Love
  56. Separate Ways
  57. Oh, What a Day
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