December 01, 1998
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Album Review

Of the album's 16 tracks, the first eight are more of a hook for the mainstream pop and crossover R&B audience. The standout track from this first half is by far the live track from D'Angelo, "Heaven Must Be Like This." Otherwise, this portion of the soundtrack has appeal, but is at times typical of the genre and moment, lacking in substance. The depth of the soundtrack begins with a selection from Chaka Khan (track nine); "Don't Talk 2 Strangers" is also to be found on her 1998 NPG Records debut, Come 2 My House. From here on out, the music is much more listenable and impressive for its creative output than its commercial appeal.
A pleasant surprise is the track from Angelou friends and past collaborators Ashford and Simpson, whose "Uh Uh Ooh Ooh Look Out Here It Comes" is just a slice of heaven. Additionally, the seductive Tracie Spencer offering "The Rain" is lovemaking music at its best and a great reintroduction to the beloved diva. A few stumbles along the way, but overall, a very satisfying and enjoyable listening experience.
Jaime Ikeda, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Believe in Love
  2. God's Stepchild
  3. Heaven Must Be Like This [Live]
  4. If Ever
  5. Where Would I Be
  6. I'm Only Human
  7. Just a Little Luv
  8. We Belong Together
  9. Don't Talk 2 Strangers
  10. Let It Go
  11. My Soul Don't Dream
  12. Uh-Uh Ooh-Ooh Look Out (Here It Comes)
  13. Don't Let Nothin' Keep You Down
  14. Family [Score]
  15. The Rain
  16. Patchwork Quilt