February 15, 2005
Pop/Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Prog-Rock

Album Review

Remastered and repackaged, this is a treasure trove for die-hard Styx fanatics waiting for a proper reissue of their early works. But casual buyers best beware: this isn't the Styx that sang "Come Sail Away" or "Mr. Roboto," but a different though no less enjoyable group altogether. This two-disc set comprises their first four records under the Wooden Nickel imprint: Styx, Styx II, The Serpent Is Rising and Man of Miracles. While the arena rock anthems and compositional sensibilities are underdeveloped, the pomposity of their prog rock roots clearly shines through with the inclusion of "Fanfare for the Common Man," "Little Fugue in G" and the Hallelujah chorus from Handel's Messiah. It's also a document showcasing the evolution of their flare for theatrics and storytelling, which didn't entirely put them on par with their British and Italian prog rock counterparts, but close enough for people to take notice. Aside from "Lady," there isn't much here that casual listeners will identify with, but Styx loyalists will be pleased with proper documentation of the group's formative years, something all too neglected until now.
Rob Theakston, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Movement for the Common Man: Children of the Land/Street ...
  2. Right Away
  3. What Has Come Between Us
  4. Best Thing
  5. Quick Is the Beat of My Heart
  6. After You Leave Me
  7. You Need Love
  8. Lady
  9. A Day
  10. You Better Ask
  11. Little Fugue in "G"
  12. Father O.S.A.
  13. Earl of Roseland
  14. I'm Gonna Make You Feel It
  15. Unfinished Song [*]
  16. Witch Wolf
  17. The Grove of Eglatine
  18. Young Man
  19. As Bad as This
  20. Winner Takes All
  21. 22 Years
  22. Jonas Psalter
  23. The Serpent Is Rising
  24. Krakatoa
  25. Hallelujah Chorus [From Handel's Messiah]
  26. Rock & Roll Feeling
  27. Havin' a Ball
  28. Golden Lark
  29. A Song for Suzanne
  30. A Man Like Me
  31. Lies
  32. Evil Eyes
  33. Southern Woman
  34. Christopher, Mr. Christopher
  35. Man of Miracles
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