August 16, 2005
Pop/Rock, Roots Rock, Heartland Rock

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Track Listing

  1. Texas Ride Song [Live]
  2. (We Can) Live [Live]
  3. No One [Live]
  4. You Don't Get Much [Live]
  5. If It Makes You [Live]
  6. Sleep [Live]
  7. Still the Night [Live]
  8. Feed the Fire [Live]
  9. Once in a While [Live]
  10. Good Things [Live]
  11. Naked [Live]
  12. 617 [Live]
  13. Crazy [Live]
  14. True Devotion [Live]
  15. Two Souls [Live]
  16. She's a Runaway [Live]
  17. Fadeaway [Live]
  18. Closer to Free [Live]
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