March 06, 2007
Pop/Rock, Heavy Metal, Hair Metal, Pop-Metal

Album Review

VH1 Classic Presents: Metal Mania - Stripped, Vol. 3 collects 15 acoustic (and often live) renditions of hair metal classics that range from embarrassing (Slaughter's "Up All Night") to triumphant ("Turn Up the Radio" by Autograph's Steve Plunkett) to totally surreal (Accept's cabaret-infused piano rendition of "Balls to the Wall"). For the most part, ballads from the likes of Firehouse ("When I Look into Your Eyes"), Damn Yankees' Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades ("High Enough"), and Warrant's Jani Lane ("Heaven") stew in the same pot of mediocrity from which they originated, but fans of MTV's Unplugged and Headbanger's Ball's Adam Curry years will revel in the nostalgia for at least one full spin.
James Christopher Monger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Unskinny Bop
  2. High Enough
  3. Signs [Live]
  4. Headed for a Heartbreak
  5. In My Dreams
  6. When I Look into Your Eyes
  7. Way Cool Jr.
  8. Heaven
  9. Turn Up the Radio
  10. Nobody's Fool
  11. Don't Close Your Eyes
  12. Just Take My Heart
  13. The Killing Words
  14. Up All Night [Live]
  15. Balls to the Wall