Trey Spruance

Trey Spruance is one of the most underrated, versatile, and experimental rock guitarists of modern times. Born Preston Lea Spruance III in 1969 and raised in Eureka, CA, Spruance began playing in local heavy metal bands while in high school. During 1985, the guitarist hooked up with some fellow high school musicians (including singer Mike Patton and bassist Trevor Dunn, among others), to form Mr. Bungle. During the late '80s, the group grew more and more musically schizo as they incorporated more and more varied styles into their compositions -- all of which purposely didn't follow the traditional verse-chorus-verse song structure of most rock bands. When Patton landed a gig with Faith No More in 1989, he pledged to keep Mr. Bungle going, a promise he kept when he came off the road in 1991. The same year, Bungle signed with Warner Bros, and issued their self-titled debut. When Patton returned back to Faith No More later in the year, Spruance filled up his downtime by forming side projects, including the goof death metal outfit Faxed Head.