Bessie Banks

Bessie Banks is primarily remembered by rock history buffs for her 1964 recording of "Go Now," but her career extended well into the 1970s and beyond. She was born Bessie White in North Carolina, and later raised in Brooklyn, NY. She loved to sing, and by the mid-'50s her voice's sensuality had begun attracting attention from various groups and managers. For a short time, she'd sung with a quartet called Three Guys and a Doll, who subsequently became the Four Fellows without her; while a member of the group, she met bass/baritone singer Larry Banks, who was the de facto leader of the group, and married him. As Toni Banks, she performed and recorded during the mid-'50s, including the single "You're Still in My Heart," on which she was backed by the Four Fellows. Taking back the name Bessie Banks, she recorded in the first half of the 1960s, starting with "Do It Now" b/w "(You Should Have Been A) Doctor" in 1963 on the Spokane Records label, which was picked up the following year by Wand Records. In 1964, Larry and Bessie decided to make a new push to establish her with a song that Larry had written specifically for the purpose of breaking her nationally: "Go Now."