The five-piece band known as Dieselhed hails from Arcata, CA. Since the group tries to keep a sense of mystique (not including their names on their albums), it's hard to figure which instruments they play if you haven't caught them live. Atom Ellis, Zachary Holtzman, Danny Heifetz, Shon McAlinn, and Virgil Shaw are all confirmed members; they formed in 1989 and carved a niche for themselves in the San Francisco Bay Area. Drummer Heifetz budgeted his time between Dieselhed and another San Fran band, the genre-bending experimentalists Mr. Bungle, and remains a member of both bands. Mixing the countrified punk of early Meat Puppets with classic countrified rock (the Stones, Flying Burrito Brothers, etc.), the band created a highly original sound that led to a recording contract with the independent Amarillo Records in the early '90s.

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