Dustin Kensrue

Since 1998, Dustin Kensrue has been most widely known as the lead singer, lyricist, and guitarist for the well-regarded Irvine, California post-hardcore quartet Thrice. After releasing three albums with the group in 2001 (Identity Crisis), 2002 (The Illusion of Safety), and 2003 (The Artist in the Ambulance), Kensrue began more seriously working on solo acoustic material around 2004. Originally writing under the project name Ursus Veritas, Kensrue eventually dropped the moniker, choosing to work under his own name instead. Tracks first appeared online via MySpace in spring 2005, and Kensrue eventually took time away from work on Thrice's fourth studio effort, Vheissu, to complete the recording of his solo debut with co-producer and Thrice bandmate Teppei Teranishi.