Clive Bunker

Clive Bunker was, along with Glen Cornick, Mick Abrahams, and Ian Anderson, a co-founder of Jethro Tull. Their original drummer, he lasted in the lineup up to and including their critical high-water mark, Aqualung. Bunker was born and raised in Luton, Bedfordshire, and came of age during the early-'60s British beat boom. He'd initially aspired to play the guitar but, upon realizing how limited his talent was on that instrument, turned instead to the drums -- his inspirations included not only renowned American jazz figures such as Buddy Rich but also one slightly older British contemporary of his, the Hollies' Bobby Elliott. By the mid-'60s, Bunker had become a serious blues enthusiast -- he and a friend, Mick Abrahams, became members of a blues band called McGregor's Engine in 1967 when they crossed paths with Anderson and Cornick, who were members of another band that was in the process of breaking up. The four decided to join forces in what became known as Jethro Tull, playing a mix of rock, blues, and folk music.

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