Catching Up With The POOR YOUNG THINGS

We had it all set up that we'd record live off the floor during the band's soundcheck at a recent gig at The Mansion House but when I got there I found out all those arrangements were out the window. Instead I recorded them on my iPhone playing in the hallway outside the women's washroom. I suggested we record IN the washroom because.......of the better "acoustics" but Dave wouldn't have any part of it...something about somebody at home who might have an issue with it. I dunno

Below you have an acoustic version of their new single "Revolver" and their cover of Florence & The Machine's "Dog Days Are Over". (PYT have a knack of picking great songs to cover).

Then we get into stories about the road from the past year, criss-crossing the country, getting holed up in Canboro, the best and worst gigs, favourite craft beers and dream backstage tour riders. You'll be surprised with their answers because they have nothing to do with girls, booze or drugs....Maybe they've got those all covered.

Don't forget that Poor Young Things along with The Trews, The Glorious Sons & Coney Hatch are part of the big Iron Mike Bensson concert on December 12th.

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