Comeback albums more often than not leave me disappointed. There are good ones that cut it but after a couple of plays I end up going back to those first albums that made me fall in love with them in the first place.

As much as I loved them in-the-day, the idea of a new CONEY HATCH album seemed destined to the same fate. As I started my broadcasting career in Toronto, The Hatch were mainstays on the Yonge Street strip, playing the “monkey bars” like Yonge Stn. & The Gasworks (every Friday & Saturday there was fight inside and cop car parked outside). They were a party band if there ever was one. Eventually, everyone in the Hatch went their separate ways.


Why in god’s name are they back again?!

......because of some crazy-assed 80’s rock fans in Europe, a promoter that convinced  them to reform and paid them a full ride for the Firefest Rock Festival in Nottingham England. The reception was so good that an Italian record label talked them into recording a new album. I know!... it sounds kinda corny but its a great story. This year the original lineup of Dixon, Curran, Shelski & Ketchum knocked out an album of new songs, called FOUR.

FOUR is hardly the second coming but damn, this album is gooood and captures all the thunder & lightning of yore. The ringing of amplifiers in my head, the smell of beer-stained carpets and ashtrays full of butts waft back into my brain when I listen to the new Coney Hatch. Classic Rock Magazine in the UK has just voted the new CH 4 record in the top 50 of 2013!

Check out the great first single from the new album.


Thursday night members of Coney Hatch will be coming in from all parts of Ontario to play Iron Mike Bensson’s Benefit concert. Coney, like The Trews, Poor Young Things and The Glorious Sons have generously waved their fees for IMB’s benefit. On hearing of IMB’s situation, bassist Andy Curran was the first offer his support...”what can we do to help”. I can’t tell how great it is to have the original lineup of Coney Hatch open the show on Thursday. BENSSON WOULD LOVE IT. Please be there for 8pm for their kickoff to the evening. All I’ll I say is that they’ve been rehearsing something very special!

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