The Damn Truth & Nothing But The Damn Truth

THE DAMN TRUTH are from Montreal...or maybe on the other side of the tracks from Montreal. You see, when I think of bands from Montreal I think of artists Sam Roberts, The Arcade Fire...even Men Without Hats (god help us all). That’s not to say there haven’t been heavy bands from la métropole (Voivod, kinda) but there’s not many that spring to mind.

There’s some kinda voodoo goin’ on with The Damn Truth. The band’s name itself makes bold statement. Although their music is rooted in 70’s blues-rock,  it would be a mistake to call them derivative. Like The Sheepdogs & Rival Sons, with whom they toured this summer, they’ve got their own stories to tell. The Damn Truth bumps and grinds with a lead guitar player with some serious chops and a magnetic lead singer who pulls out emotion in her voice from somewhere deep inside.  In concert they are ferocious but when they came by for a visit and to perform we discovered a whole new dimension to the band. Please  - check them out!


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