2013 Leftovers

If you spent any time in the last few weeks scanning the many “Top Albums / Top Song” lists 2013 you may have come away with a feeling of “WTF – I don’t recognize a single name”! You pride yourself on being a big music fan only to find that you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I get a little lost too. Even though checking out new music and bands is the probably my favourite part of my job, it’s “work” keeping up.

During the Christmas break, I read countless blogs and articles wishing for the day when it was easier to discover new music. Well, I don’t know about that because YouTube has almost every band you’ll want to hear. Yeah, things have become more fragmented but there are radio stations like ours that try to bring you the best of what’s new. Now, that’s not always an easy thing to do if you’ve got a listener with a huge appetite for new music or for music on the fringes of what we do here, but I assure you that if it’s big – or we think it’s going to be big, you’ll either hear on 97.7 or read about it here.

If there is one leftover from 2013 I want to tell you about it’s a great new band from the Austin Texas that I saw open for Gary Clarke Jr. They didn't make any of those uber year-end lists but that doesn't surprise me. If you like singer - songwriter / heartland music from artists like Petty, The Band, The Allmans, Dylan, Cash, Neil, Ryan Adams, Wilco, Blue Rodeo, Matt Mays or The Eagles then you’ll love these guys.

I’ve been cranking this album in my office for the last month and I’ve lost track of the number of people who have coming running in, "WHO is THAT" was & the number of times I've shared my copy. I love it when that happens, when good music speaks for itself. I could go on and on but I’ll just let the music do the talking....


They've recorded a set of covers they call the "Truck Stop Cover Series" that kinda tell you where they're coming from.

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