The Grammys: The Good, The Bad, Meh

The 2014 Grammy Awards Broadcast

The Good

-Nine Inch Nails + Queens of The Stone Age + Dave Grohl +Lindsey Buckingham  – A union that was born during the filming of Dave Grohl’s  Sound City movie, NIN & QOTSA played their two biggest songs this year. Unfortunately, as is always the case, the show was running late so the TV producers rolled the credits over the end of “My God Is The Sun”. Trent Reznor was pissed and later vented on twitter:  “Music’s biggest night… to be disrespected. A heartfelt F–K YOU guys,” 

-Dave Grohl winning two trophys for the excellent Sound City – I –Love-Rock loveletter / documentary


The Bad

Ozzy is on the record about his love for the Beatles. On Grammy night, with the world watching, when he finally got a chance to introduce a performace by Ringo, Ozzy fluffed his lines. Geezer & Tony from Black Sabbath were standing beside him and came to his rescue and laughted it off. Ozzy embarrassed himself (again). Sad “I completely F***’d it up”

Not sure how one feels about Corey Monteith of Glee being included with a list of legends and highly talented musicians who passed away this year during the “in Memorium”. Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman was a most noticeable omission. Whoops.



Metallica + Lang Lang performing “One”. I’ve always applauded Metallica taking chances, even if they don’t work out. Some musicians have an itch they’ve gotta scratch. What I don’t like is when an artist messes around with big songs in their repertoire as was the case on Sunday night with “One”. Great to see Metallica  on stage to kill em all but pairing them with rockstar-like classical pianiast Lang Lang sounded like a  mess. Great in places - confusing in others.


From The Black Carpet

The Good

Dave Grohl didn’t get dressed up and came dressed is like a working musician in his plain black tshirt.

Kirk Hammett of Metallica wore a Lou Reed Transformer t-shirt as a tribute the legend with whom the recorded with before his passing this year. In an evening  where the underlying theme of many of the performances was about embracing LGBT lifestyles, Hammett’s t-shirt was sublime.

James Hetfield  of Metallica looked slick in a suit.


The Bad

Steve Tyler  - dancing in his seat to Daft Punk, a greasy mustache, adlibbing  & getting the words wrong to “You Really Got a Hold On Me” while standing alongside Smokey Robinson, the man who wrote it AND a waredrobe malfunction – Steven had to zip up his fly, hoping nobody would notice!

In the words he so often used as a judge on American Idol, “Sorry darling, its a NO for me”


Grow Old Gracefully – Now Get Out!

I love the legends of music. To have a deeper love music today you must know where it came from.  The Grammy awards broadcast is chance for new music fans to learn. As Dave Grohl put it so well on this night, “none of us would be here today if it weren’t for The Beatles”. With two living Beatles on-stage, the widows & families of the others seated in the front row and the occasion of the 50th anniversary of The Beatles on Ed Sullivan about to be celebrated next month, why didn’t they play a Beatles song?! Instead we got a new McCartney song & a casinorama performance from Ringo, lovable as it was.

Sadly, it was NOT  a good night for the legends.  When are they going to stop inviting Stevie Wonder to this show, great as he might be. Ozzy, Steven Tyler, Chicago & Willie Nelson and the rest of Highwaymen, were not up to their own standards. Maybe because it’s not their gig.

I love them all and I know the Grammy's are chaotic & can be a challenge but nostalgia doesn’t make up for their loss of command of the stage. If you can't do it anymore - don't.

And while I’m here, Madonna’s performance ruined a great Grammy moment. She needs to go away.

Kudo’s to legendary guitarists Lindsey Buckingham, Nile Rodgers & Peter F***in’ Frampton (see Hi-Fidelity) who played in support roles, doing what they do best – play well.

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