What? My friend Paulie hates something???

My friend Paulie Morris is our Music Director here at 97.7 HTZ FM.

There are many things I admire and respect about Paulie and one of them is his love for ALL kinds of music.

Sloan sees "The Good in Everyone"...Paulie hears the good in every song!

Paulie can justify why any song is worthy for simply being what it is.

Paulie respects music and every artist who dedicates thier life to it.

So this morning I was SHOCKED  when I not only heard him say he hates a version of a song....The song is covered by his HERO!

Hmm...Go figure.

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  1. PaulieMorris posted on 03/03/2014 10:34 AM
    Paulie> Springsteen is touring down under & has been covering a lot of big songs from Australian & New Zealand artists. He doesn't get it wrong that often but covering Lorde was really bad...and Highway to Hell was not much better. Really good was a cover of "Don't Change" by INXS.
    Does this mean when Springsteen comes to Canada he'll cover "The Spirit of Radio" or "50 Mission Cap"?!
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