Plant a flower for Iron Mike

Late last spring, Mike gave me what is called an "Immortality" Iris.

He said "Here's something to remember me by".

I was sooo MAD at him for saying that.

I guess maybe he knew...but I still had hope.

That Iris sat in its pot all summer. 

I refused to put it in the ground.

Then he got really sick...So I finally planted the Iris in my garden.

I'm happy to say it's starting to sprout!


So maybe you could plant a flower for Iron Mike?

He loved flowers and gardens...and I'm sure he would love it if you could keep his memory alive at your house.

PS...Please don't tarnish this with "Buds" and "Plants" 4:20 crap.

Keep it classy.

Iron Mike's book is available online now!

Get it while you can.

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  1. JudyW posted on 04/07/2014 10:00 PM
    I have irises in memory of my mom - they come back every spring and touch my heart - it was bittersweet at first - but slowly it got easier and now they fill me with warm memories :)

    I will look for that type of iris and gladly plant some to remember him by!
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