Nash The Slash R.I.P

Nash The Slash looked like someone who stepped out of one of those old black & white horror flicks. His face wrapped in surgical bandages, usually dressed in a white tux, top hat & shades, he kinda looked the Mummy going to the prom.

Nash The Slash was the alter ego of Jeff Plewman, an early innovator in electronic music, back in the day. He started with Canadian band FM - probably best known for their late 70's classic "Phasors On Stun" and later went on to a solo career - almost always performing while bound in the bandages. Nash the Slash was one of my first interviews when I was at a college radio station. Intially I was disappointed that he didn't come "dressed" when he arrived at the station but what I what I got instead was a chat with a truly ambitious musician. He was the first artist I ever saw perform solo and sound like there was a whole band behind him. He had a whole bank of tapes and electronic gear to fill in for a band. He was the first person I ever saw play a solid body - electric violin and electric mandolin.

Two years ago, Nash The Slash announced his retirement, saying that "the thrill is gone". I can't help think of the possiblities and the special place that Jeff Plewman would have in current world of EDM if he had started in THIS era. 

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