Let the wind dry your tears

Iron Mike Bensson loved motorcycles.

Friday the 13th in Port Dover was like Christmas for him.

He counted down the months and the days to each one.


 He lived by the biker’s code…..Respect.

 He had the utmost respect for bikers.


He admired you.

He envied you.

He loved you.

You live his dream.


Mike loved a full moon.

Tomorrow we have a Friday the 13th full moon.

There hasn’t been a full moon on Friday the 13th since 1919.

We won’t see it happen again until 2098.

 Is this coincidence sent from above?

I’d like to think so…..

 Mike would be in his glory!


So if you’re paying tribute to Iron Mike and riding in the Memorial Thunder Run tomorrow…

Think of Mike.

Put him on the back of your bike.

 May the wind dry your tears....and may his spirit soar.


Thank you for loving him too.



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