This email brought me to tears.

Sometimes you give me an unexpected smack in the heart.

This email brought me to tears on Saturday.

I love that this man didn't step forward until now.

I love that he protected and respected Mike's privacy.

I love that this man isn't stepping forward just to take credit..

I love him  for not wearing this story on his arm some sort of honor badge.

I love that many of you do what you can to keep Mike's memory alive.

Thank you.

And, of course, Bart will get his stickers for his van.


Hi KK,

My name is Bart. I have been listening to 97.7 since I was 15 as dishwasher at a restaurant here in Buffalo.

 The best part of my shift was the teaser with Iron Mike and actually hearing The Hip on the radio.

 Needless to say I'm now 34 and a Palliative Care specialist at Hospice Buffalo.

 My job consists of me and my partner driving around to pick up patients in our van to transport to our unit where there we continue care with them at our facility. The White House of Rock is the only station that plays in there.

 I had the pleasure of taking care of my favorite radio personality. From listening every day I knew Mike was ill and didn't put it all together until we were transporting him ...the distinct voice that made me laugh for so many years ...was with me.

 Mike and I had some great conversations and saw how genuine and real he was on the radio was the real him.

 Upon me transferring him back home him and his wife got together a goody bag of stickers, Shirts, and other little things for my partner and I.

 Before pulling out his driveway we slapped one of the stickers on the back and it has been there ever since along with one inside.


It's kinda my way of keeping him with us.


But now it's time to lay our trusty set of wheels down as we will be receiving and new Van this July.

I was hoping somehow I could order a few stickers to replace the ones from our old ride onto the new.

I apologize for rambling on I kinda find amazing how after just listening to someone for some many years the impact in our life's you guys make.

 Thanks and keep doing the great work you do, even though you can't hear us we hear you and thank you for that.




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  1. LindaH_5605 posted on 07/03/2014 12:06 PM
    Sounds like a great guy. Some times the people that do those kind of jobs are the unsung heros we forget about them . I 'm glad that he got to meet Mike not in the best circuumstances but he probably made it a little easier for Mike and his wife.Still miss Mike dearly miss hearlng his voice on the radio. He is fondly remembered by many. So glad he will get the stickers for the new van. Thanks to KK. Luv it.
  2. JeffC_4488 posted on 07/03/2014 12:53 PM
    Bart really sounds like a nice guy, and I commend him for waiting until it was a proper time to send this email. I still miss hearing Mike on the radio but I know that he is with us, especially the staff and crew at HTZ-FM, in spirit. I'm happy to see that Bart will get the stickers for his new van, and that, as he said, will always be his constant memory of Mike. Thanks again for sharing this email, KK.
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