Metallica Dress Up As Bears

A group of people protesting hunting wanted Metallica to be removed from last weekend’s Glastonbury Festival lineup. Metallica lead singer James Hetfield, a hunter himself, who recently narrated a History Channel miniseries THE HUNT was at the centre of the controversy. To protest, the band got together with Julian Temple, a noted British filmmaker, to produce a very MontyPythonesque satire of the tradition British foxhunt. It was like holding up a mirror to the protesting Brits. The film played just before Metallica hit the stage at Glastonbury. It begins with a clip from the movie, The Good The Band & The Ugly (as is the Metallica tradition) but then cuts away to the new film of the foxhunt. It takes a few minutes but our heroes in Metallica, dressed as grizzly bears, uh, take matters into their own hands.

Definitely worth a look.

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