Body Count Is Back ... (huh?!)

Ice T and Body Count are back. For those who don't know Body Count, they mix heavy metal riffs with lyrics with a street attitude. I was  going to write "gangsta attitude" but I think its bigger than that . Body Count is led by Ice T, same guy who's on Law & Order: SVU, playing a cop. Same guy who once drew attention from police forces across the USA, the NRA AND the President of the United States for a song he wrote called "Cop Killer", one of the most misunderstood songs in music history. (While everybody was getting their shorts in a knot about that song, they missed the song "KKK Bitch" on the same album).

Ice T & BC were one of the first to mixing rap with thrash & metal. These days Ice T is 56!! and has lost none of his nerve.

Whatever your taste, this is one slammin' song from Body Count's new album Manslaughter which just came out in June.

Lyrics are NSFW

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