How I got tricked by a guy begging for money.

How do you feel about giving money to homeless people when they ask?

Some people will always give the loose change in their pocket, some people ignore them and some people get real ignorant and yell crap like ‘GET A JOB’!

I will help if it seems legit. I had a really negative experience with a homeless man last summer...where I bought a guy a meal from a restaurant and he simply didn’t want food just money and told me to get lost.

Won't be doing that again!

And then last night a couple of us from the station went out for beers and we left the bar and walked to get a bite to eat...this guy maybe I dunno 26-27 years old comes up to me and asks for money.

I said “whats your story man...why do you need money?"

He goes "I’m a roofer from Ottawa been out of work for a few months and cant find a job anywhere...and Im just starving man haven’t eaten anything but a bagel this morning."

So I thought...valid. I gave him $20...I felt for the guy....He was super appreciative which was great.

Then after we left the restaurant...just down the street a car pulled up to the guy who I gave money exchange could have been a bag of salt for the food he was buying....or I was tricked.

It’s people like that...that give the people who actually need help a bad name.

Why lie? If you want money for drugs, booze, hookers just say it. You might not get the money but atleast your honest.

- @jessemodz

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  1. MarcL posted on 07/08/2014 05:41 PM
    Wow. There are people who do need help, but then you get people like the gentleman you dealt with. Sucks how one bad seed can change the prejudice already attached to the 'homeless' Hey, hold your head up tried to help someone to get a meal... Too bad he's a fraud! :(
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