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When you’re a music director at radio station you learn to grow a thick skin. Every record company, promoter, band and manager is always at you to play their new song. There are two kinds of songs, the hits and a whole lot of okay”. The best of us hear the bands with potential - the diamonds in the rough.


Rock music is in a down cycle these days. It’s not that there is not any good music around but it’s a rarity for a new rock band to grab the attention of the nation and distracted mainstream audience. Rob Zombie blamed it on the grunge bands decades ago who, he feels, made it “uncool to be a rock star” and left the door open for rappers to become the new “rock” stars. It’s a good point but I don’t buy into that idea wholly. I think it sometimes comes from uninspired work. I will point the finger at some American record companies who sign mediocrity. I swear that there is a rock cookie-cutter factory somewhere in California that is pumping out banal rock music from an endless parade of faceless, soundalike bands. I wish somebody would blow it up so we could start all over. Something’s gotta give.



Enter NOTHING MORE, a band that came with lots of the usual hype of big chart numbers and an urging: “you gotta see them”. With their new single, “This Is A Time (Ballast)”, Nothing More are over reaching but I heard a band yearning to do something big.


I took the bait and saw the band play live. Being used to proficient sets by bands of this age, I wasn’t ready for the assault and the take-no-prisoners attitude of their show. These guys clearly were going for the jugular the night I saw them. It’s been awhile that I can call a band “exciting” but Nothing More blew me away. On every song that had something to prove. Let me add my voice to the chorus of “you’ve gotta see ‘em”! Nothing More play Lee’s Palace in Toronto on August 13th I couldn’t finish this without mentioning one of the wildest bass gizmos I’ve ever seen in concert. You’ve gotta see this rig they’ve come up. Very cool. Gene Simmons can step aside. :)

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