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If you’ve been lucky enough to have had grown up in family of musicians, you know about spontaneous kitchen sing-a-longs, basement jams or long days of practicing in your bedroom. Music played at home just sounds better. Maybe it’s the smell of home cooking or the case of Canadian in the garage that brings out the best. There’s something about playing in a house and making music amongst piles of laundry or on comfy couches. 

I call it “House Music”.

There’s something cool about a band living together and writing music at home. When lightning strikes, a band can build on an idea and record it immediately. Many legendary Canadian bands have recorded some rock music’s greatest albums in their homes.  The list is long and significant. There’s Big Pink, The Bathhouse, Bad Manors, Neil Young’s barn, Daniel Lanois’ New Orleans’ mansion, Lightfoot’s log cabin in Muskoka, The “White House of Rock” and The House of Ill Fame. In the next 3 days of blogs, we’ll cover those and more. Let’s start with our 2002 Rocksearch champs, The Trews.


THE TREWS moved from their home in Antigonish Nova Scotia to a small house in the south end of Niagara Falls. It had four bedrooms upstairs, a rehearsal space in the basement, affordable rent and was an hour from Toronto. Perfect for a band looking to make a move. You can just imagine the parties and the amazing jam sessions they had there. Bassist Jack Syperek nicknamed it the “house if ill repute”. The address has been kept private until one of band members told me. Here is a rare picture.

Many of the songs they wrote there became the songs that made up their debut album The House of Ill Fameincluding “Not Ready To Go” and “Tired of Waiting”. HUGE. It is their biggest selling album and 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of the album.

In tomorrow’s blog, House Music 2,  we’ll take a look at two legendary Canadian bands who moved into a big pink coloured house outside of Woodstock NY and another band into a mansion on a farm near Hamilton.

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    Courtesy for Rey Mena

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