The Niagara Region is about to turn into a war zone...sorta.

This is something I have never heard of happening but apparently it has happened in the Niagara Region in the past.

South Niagara will become a battlefield next week.  There are going to be as many as 2100 soldiers armed to the tits, tanks and various military vehicles rolling through the streets from August 16th – August 24th

All the soldiers will be in full battle gear as they take part in a training exercise that involves “a scenario of a foreign force that has invaded eastern Canada via the St. Lawrence River and into Quebec City and Montreal and intelligence has discovered a smaller force of invaders are planning to secure the Welland Canal.”

The headquarters for this exercise will be set-up at the Welland fairgrounds on Niagara St, other set up sites will be at the Rowing Club in Welland, The Smithville Christian Highschool in Smithsville and TSP Canada in Thorold.

There will be no fake explosions but soldiers will be firing blank rounds through the streets.

You are encouraged to go out into the streets and watch the training maneuvers (not sure exactly what streets the battles will be on) and there will be people on location of the ‘battles’ to direct you where to go for the best vantage points.

Imagine you didn’t know any of this and next week you walk outside and there are 2000 soldiers in front of your house in full gear fighting? You’d s#%t your pants.

Well, now you know.  

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