Cruel to be kind

Posted By: Kristy Knight · 11/30/2012 8:55:00 AM

I confess.

I am cruel to my dogs. 

I put sweaters on them.

*hanging head*

I don't go as far as putting cute t-shirts or hats or reindeer antlers on them though...

I tell myself they need their cute little sweaters to stay warm on our walks....but let's face it, they're animals and are capable of handling most cold temperatures.

My guilt runs deeper though....

I confess.  I take them to get their pictures taken with Santa Claws every year at the Humane Society.

They don't know who the hell Santa is. 

They just know that once a year I take them to a place and make them be still as they sit on the lap of a total stranger.

Last year, Kozmo was so nervous he pooped on the floor right beside the Santa that looked oddly like Jann Arden.

Snickers got yelled at because he wouldn't calm down.

There are perks to my cruelty. 

They get to go for a car ride and they get to smell bums of dogs they've never met before!

I hope that makes up for the humiliation.

I will be cruel again this weekend when The Lincoln County Humane Society do their pet pics with Santa.

Saturday (Dec 1) and Sunday (Dec 2) 10am to 4pm.

All money goes to help animals who are not as fortunate as their sweaters.

I love my furry kids.

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