Dave Grohl's Soundgarden video

Posted By: Kristy Knight · 1/28/2013 9:16:00 AM

Dave Grohl....

Over achieveing S.O.B....

Drummer for legendary band that (like Nirvana or not) changed the musical landscape




Husband and father

Does not do drugs

Nice guy

Friend of every musician known to mankind....it seems.


His massive pair holds a world record!  Click here!

Movie Director

Video Director

I'm sure we're missing some other accomplishments....like...guy who keeps the chewing gum industry alive.

Dave Grohl is that kid in high school that always made you look bad.

He was probably valedictorian too....

AND....he probably communicates with and holds all alien secrets.

The guy is super human!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Grohl has directed Soundgarden's new video for "By Crooked Steps".

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