It's FINALLY Here. . .

Posted By: Paul Morris ` · 9/17/2012 8:08:00 AM

KING ANIMAL,the first album by Soundgarden in 13 years is finally here, well almost. November 13th.

Soundgarden, may be the last of the bands from the 90's to fade away AND stage a comeback. Billy Corgan accuses that they're only in it for the money but he should be the last one to talk. Corgan effectived buried Smashing Pumpkins in 2000 only to bring it back five years later.

The thing with Soundgarden is that nobody in the band was interested in reforming. Guitarist Kim Thayil hadn't picked up a guitar in years, singer Chris Cornell had Audioslave (for a few years) and a so-so solo career & drummer Matt Cameron was now a full time member of Pearl Jam. The "pressure" to reform came from forces outside the band.  That said, everybody knows there is money to be made. The guys in Soundgarden have been saying all the right things, that they won't release anything unless it's good. There's been talk that there are tons of songs written from years ago that were never released and that they may re-record/reconstruct those - kinda like Van Halen's recent album.

The fact is, few people will buy the new album, Soundgarden will make their money on catalogue re-issues and a big reunion tour with a expensive & bounteous merch table.

I'm IN.... as long as they play great. If not, break up and stop wasting my time.

Here's the (less-than-spectacular) album trailer. I hope it gets better than this......


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