"This Is Queens of the Stone Age"

Posted By: Paul Morris ` · 12/28/2012 5:41:00 AM

"Some of this stuff looks like s**t"!

Inspired by THIS IS SPINAL TAP, Queens Of The Stone Age have done their own mocumentary. it features a pair of rock jornalists for a show called Secrets of the Sound who visit Queens' at their studio. An early scene, very much like the classic Spinal Tap,"these go to eleven" scene has Josh Homme showing off his gear and admitting that its probably crap, he's no "expert" and probably paid too much for it. When asked, "how many members are in your group", Homme responds, "what have you heard". The one liners never stop coming ("are you Swayze man?") and the difference between what is real and what is parody remains blurry.  Marty DeBergi would be impressed. Definitely 10 minutes worth wasting.


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