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In their last year, you could feel that it was all coming to an end. If the clues we’ren't in the music, lyrics and title of their last studio album, Old Crows/Young Cardinals, it was in their live shows. In those last years they had it all: a big album, great songs and success and for the first time you could feel the band “exhale”. Alexisonfire were not young boys anymore and they began to sound like they were searching for something....more. The next thing. Their sudden end a little over a year ago, came not so much as a surprise but will always be remembered for being so blunt... like hearing the news that your best friend had suddenly decided to pack things up and move to another country. For some fans, it was almost rude.

I love Alexisonfire for all their extremes. Raw, explosive, dynamic, raging and SCREAMING...lots of screaming.  They described their music as "the sound of two Catholic high-school girls in mid-knife-fight". That nails it. I always loved that amongst the chaos – there was grace. Alexis’ were always true to the punk code in its ten years. Ten years in rock is a very short time – in punk rock, it’s too long.  Its easy to see it now - it was time.

 The first time I heard or saw Alexis’ was the video for "Pulmonary Archery" on MuchMusic. So raw – so wild – so exciting. I was instantly hooked. It's still the first thing that comes to mind when somebody mentions their name.....and to think they were from St. Catharines, of all places.

 Farewell Alexisonfire.

...see you on the reunion tour.

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