R.I.P. Richie Havens & Christina Amphlett

Posted By: Paul Morris ` · 4/23/2013 11:41:00 AM

The movie of the Woodstock Festival put music into a complete different light for me. It made me feel that music could change the world. I’ve always identified with the folkies and songs of social activism. Folk music icon, RICHIE HAVENS passed away yesterday. Haven’s performance of “Freedom” opened Woodstock and this young person’s mind to a greater world view. Any student of contemporary history will tell you that the 60’s were a time of great upheaval as that generation questioned and rebelled against ....EVERYTHING. Today we’re either wiser or cynical, indifferent and complacent. We need more guys like Richie Havens today. Here's Richie Haven's riveting performance of "Freedom" - with his clothes soaked by the end of the song.


And now for something completely different....

If Richie Havens’ music was for the soul & mind, Christina Amphlett of Australia’s Divinyls worked the regions of the body below the neck. When they first broke in the early 80’s, Christina dressed up to tease in fishnet stockings & schoolgirl clothes (did she take her cue from Angus Young of ACDC or was this soft porn (answr: BOTH) Christina & Divinyls owed a lot of their popularity in the 90’s  with provocative videos during MTV’s prime AND with a Wayne’s World send-up of their big song, “I Touch Myself”...maybe the first hit song about, well...

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