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Posted By: Paul Morris ` · 10/23/2013 10:05:00 AM

. . . you'll probably like this new song which features Billy Gibbons on Will Lee's new solo album. Will is the bass player in Dave Letterman's band...which is really Paul Shaffer's band when you think about it. Will apparently is a highly-sought out session player when he's away from the Ed Sullivan Theater and famous friends call him up when they're in NYC looking to have some fun.

Apparently the phone rang one day - Billy Gibbons was on the other end. Will asks him "... what are you doing later tonight? Want to come over and sing “Get Out of My Life Woman” with me for my record?’ And Billy goes, ‘I got a terrible cold, I want to get this recorded before it goes away,’ unlike any other singer I’ve ever known. Sure enough, I understand what he means. When you hear his performance, it’s like, ‘Oh s—, let me get a cold!’”. (So...that's how he does it!)

So they run into the studio and lay down vocals and guitar. Also on the track, playing his distinctive style of piano, is the song's original composer Allen Toussaint. "Get Out of My Life Woman" has been covered by everyone from  Iron Butterfly to the Doors.

Just fer fun:


In the blog reviews and "comments" I've read on this song, there's been a call for ZZ Top to mount a comeback. That's surprising considering ZZ Top released a great, return-to-form album last year (La Futura). It's a lesson that even the (once) most famous bands in the world stil have to fight for attention.

Here's the video from last year. It's uses a tried and true formula:  CARS - LEGS - BEARDS.

If ain't broke . . .

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  1. mrwolf posted on 10/25/2013 02:53 PM
    Yup and this past August, you got to see ZZ Top with The Sheep Dogs as the opening act for at Artpark for $10. That was definitely the deal of the year!!
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