Lou Reed

Posted By: Paul Morris ` · 10/28/2013 4:07:00 PM

Since the moment I found out that LOU REED had passed, I spend the hours afterwards listening to the Lou Reed / Velvet Underground cds I have in my basement. I needed to to re-connect to the music that I once knew so well. Knowing the music is one thing but feeling it again brings it all back home.

I love Lou Reed – the street poet. I love the songs that were populated by people of the grittier side of the street: the down-and-out characters, the junkies, the trannies - all of them so far removed from my coddled middle class upbringing - all of them giving me that visceral edge to make me feel, somehow, real.  I’ve never done drugs but after hearing “Heroin” I know what I must feel like. Lou Reed was also a romantic and a dreamer and that’s something I could definitely relate to.

I love the brutal ...

If You Like ZZ Top. . .

Posted By: Paul Morris ` · 10/23/2013 10:05:00 AM

. . . you'll probably like this new song which features Billy Gibbons on Will Lee's new solo album. Will is the bass player in Dave Letterman's band...which is really Paul Shaffer's band when you think about it. Will apparently is a highly-sought out session player when he's away from the Ed Sullivan Theater and famous friends call him up when they're in NYC looking to have some fun.

Apparently the phone rang one day - Billy Gibbons was on the other end. Will asks him "... what are you doing later tonight? Want to come over and sing “Get Out of My Life Woman” with me for my record?’ And Billy goes, ‘I got a terrible cold, I want to get this recorded before it goes away,’ unlike any other singer I’ve ever known. Sure enough, I understand what he means. When you hear his performance, it’s like, ‘Oh s—, let me get ...


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Probably the most offensive video you'll see all week.

Chris Cornell's ONE Double-Cover

Posted By: Paul Morris ` · 10/21/2013 11:04:00 AM

Soundgarden's frontman is out on a solo acoustic tour.  “I never did this before, but I like to do cover songs and I like to pay tribute to bands or artists that I’m a huge fan of,” he said before playing the acoustic double cover at a concert last week.

Mashup's are hardly new but it's rare to hear it done LIVE - in concert. They're usually the invention of some people with some audio software and a lot of time on their hands. 

Listen to Chris Cornell mash the lyrics of Metallica's "One" with the lyrics and melody from U2's "One".


Thanks to STEREOGUM for this.


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Did you miss the Sabbath show back in August. Yeah, I know, tickets were gone by the time you found out that they were on sale, Right.  

Me too!

The inevitable tour dvd Black Sabbath: Live…Gathered in Their Masses is coming out at the end of November. KK already posted the trailer (see the 3rd video below) and today we have a new performance video of "Loner" to go along with it. It's a new song from the new 13 album but sounds like vintage sounding Sabbath. Only an "alright, now" as in "Sweet Leaf" would make it that much cooler and complete the connection. Ozzy is not the wild man he once was but he definitely pulls this one off.



More details on the new dvd come up at the bottom of this blog but I wanted to share this interview with Ozzy on Letterman in the days / weeks following ...