I Won Something ... Now What?

Congratulations! You won a rad prize from 97.7 HTZ-FM!  Thanks for listening. 

To collect your prize, please follow these instructions

1. Put your photo ID in your wallet if you dont already have it in there.

2. Bring yourself down to The White House of Rock, 12 Yates Street in downtown St. Catharines during business hours - between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday (closed holidays).

3. If you won an online contest, please try to also bring a copy of the email you received that states you won and what the prize is.

4. Be nice to whomever is at front desk by having your ID ready and knowing what you actually won.  Do you know how many freakin' prizes we give out every day?

5. Leave us beer in exchange...Ok you dont have to do this step, but it helps...especially on Fridays.


What if I cant get there during business hours?

You can make other arrangements like sending a buddy (with a copy of your ID) to get your prize for you or sending a courier.  However, you will need to let us know in advance.  Simply call the promotions department to arrange. 

Can you mail my prize to me?
Are you under house arrest and have no friends that can pick it up?  Postage is expensive now, dude!  Also, there is no bigger headache than dealing with something getting "lost" in the mail.  Once it leaves our hands, your gripe is with Canada Post, not us.  Under VERY rare circumstances we MAY consider it.  Otherwise, please see above to make life easier for everyone.  

How long do I have to come get my prize?

We keep your prizes for 30 days.  If you won tickets to something you have to pick them up by 5pm the day of the event or Friday at 5pm if it takes place on a weekend.  If you know you can't make it, feel free to call and let promotions know so we can donate them/put them back in the prize vault.

Do I have to wait 30 days before winning again?

Yes.  Once, the 30 days are up, go for it again and keep listening to win!