Join the legendary Iron Mike Bensson weekday afternoons from 3pm - 7pm on the Iron Mike in the Afternoon show.

Mike's been cranking rock tunes at HTZ-FM for 15 years. He's known as the "Iron Man" because he rarely takes a day off , no matter how sick or tired he is.
Unlike alot of Radio D.J.'s...he actually likes being with the listeners out in public ! And, unlike any "sane" person he actually likes commuting between America and Canada every day. Even as a child, born in Kenmore, New York he spent more time in Canada than in the U.S. .... he just likes it better ! He just likes Canadian radio better.
Don't let that cool... calm exterior fool you. He'll SNAP if you betray him or do something to harm his family and friends. Call him..."loyal to a fault". It's not his fault !
Fave Band : Metallica (the old school Metallica) Song - "Welcome Home" (Sanitarium)
First Concert : t was a late 60's "Soul Review" concert in Buffalo that my older brother dragged me to. Aretha Franklin...Stevie Wonder.....Temptations...that kind of stuff. 
Fave Movie : "Bananas" / Woody Allen
Poison :  Jack Daniels.  With Coke if it's going to be a long night.
Random Fact : Came to HTZ-FM as a one or two day, on-air fill-in.  I wasn't told that it was actually an audition.  The audition is still going on - fifteen years later !!